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    Company Overview

    One platform is for all the beginners who want to get themselves practically trained in fundamental/technical analysis of the Stocks/Players in the market.

    We at stock infinity, team of experienced technical and fundamental analysts are aiming to spread financial literacy so that trainees can get in depth real time trading knowledge. To achieve the foresaid objective, we will be launching our projects during the year 2018 based on both technical and fundamental analysis of financial market.


    Vishal Sharma

    Vishal is a Commerce graduate from Delhi University. He has developed his interest in investing and trading in his college days, maintaining his stellar trading track record for more than 5 years in stock market on the basis of pure technical analysis. He has planned to deliver the glimpse of his knowledge about the market partnering with Rahul Soni.

    Rahul Soni

    Rahul is having experience of more than 3 years in doing Valuations of businesses (including both startups and matured) and preparing Finance Models for the stocks based on both micro and macro factors. He Has sound knowledge of picking up stocks after the extensive research on basis of fundamentals analysis.


    We have partnered with qualified finance professionals i.e. CAs, MBAs etc. and, are planning to deliver key technical skills to the trainees under their guidance. They will be conducting sessions/ taking doubts of the trainees about different challenges/opportunities to gain practical trading experience.