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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    Q.1 How Technical Analysis Research Project is Different from our Technical analysis cum-Internship Programme?


    A.1 In this project we will be focusing strictly on specified and limited Candlestick patterns and Indicators, through the project we will be looking into Indian Stock Market.

    (However, for application of technicals in live market you will be asked to apply same in live market through virtual money).


    Q.2 Do we need to have any prior knowledge of finance to apply for this Research Project?


    A.2 No, you don’t require to have financial knowledge to apply for this project. We will cover all the topics from scratch, so it does not matter whether you have knowledge or not. The thing matter is learning and application of them.


    Q.3 Is it a virtual or a full-time project?


    A.3. This is a virtual project i.e. work from home. No in office sessions will be there. Aspirants require a laptop/ PC with working internet connection to attend the live sessions.


    Q.4 What is the duration of this research project and can we do it together with college/Job?


    A.4 The duration of this research project will be 6 weeks and all the trainees can pursue the work on this project along with their college/Job as we will be taking sessions online at flexible after office hour timings on weekends + 1 weekday.


    Q.5 Why we are supposed to pay for the project and what is the payment for?


    To discourage unnecessary aspirants we applied a nominal charge as we want only serious aspirants to apply for this project. Aspirants failed to clear the eligibility test will be refunded back the amount after deduction of transaction charges within 48 hours.
    Aspirants would be trained through webinars and to address aspirants queries a proper channel setup is needed.


    Q.6 Why do I opt for a StockInfinity Technical Research Project?


    A.6 StockInfinity Technical Research Project offers you the flexibility of working from home. We believe in practical learning therefore, throughout the duration of Project our major focus is on practical implementation of technical analysis and strategies. Within a few webinars aspirants will start implementing their strategies in live markets and queries will be taken through the StockInfinity channel setup.


    Q.7 Do we need real money to trade in live markets and what tools will be provided to trade?


    A.7 No, you do not require to have any real money during this project. Advanced trading software’s & tools will be provided, and virtual money will be topped into those accounts so as to get live experience of trading in International Markets.


    Q.8 What if I fail the test?


    A.8 We believe in spreading the financial literacy. Aspirants work upon those topics in which they feel weren’t competent and you can apply for upcoming projects. We will cheer you up in taking the challenges with a smile.


    Cheers! and Start the application. ☺